The ingredients of our work

Method, people and professionalism.
Marcello Rapisardi finds and selects the best raw materials to make his products. Professionalism and respect are the basis of his technical and creative work. Manual work, tradition and research are the key elements that we try to channel into continuous innovation.


    Being consistent with our work ethics is the basis of our activities. Knowing the theory helps us in practice and allows us to create high quality artisan desserts.


    Understanding customer needs is essential for us. We want to create tailor-made products to satisfy the requests made to us. We constantly update ourselves so as not to simply follow industry trends, but we constantly look for new ways to surprise customers.


    We believe in the importance of communicating clearly and honestly with our customers. We are committed to solving challenges and unexpected events by informing customers of our work throughout the entire work process.


    We want to simplify the approach to apparently extreme taste combinations and we try to do it in an ethical way. Respect for the environment and for people is fundamental for us.

What do we do?


This has always been our motto. We have thus created a line of artisanal desserts of "extra-ordinary tradition". The simple appearance of our cubes, whether they are artisanal jelly sweets or artisanal pralines, has its repercussions in an explosion of unique and unusual flavours. Some examples of our combinations? Raspberry and anise; orange and pepper; celery, lime and mezcal... Be curious, try and be surprised by our artisanal desserts!