Services for companies

Do you need to launch a new product or service? Do you have an event with the press, customers or your collaborators? Do you want to create exclusive gadgets?
Customize our products with your logo and make them unique.


For us, being different from our competitors is an added value. Being able to offer our customers something exclusive and inimitable is our strong point. We will work for you to create your exclusive product. You can customize our jellies, jams or pralines simply with your logo or by asking us to create a flavor especially for you.


    Reward and amaze your collaborators, customers and suppliers with an exclusive gift.


    Do you need to present a new product or service? Have you organized a corporate event? Leave your mark with something of your own.


    Are you a small producer of honey, coffee, chocolate, vinegar, saffron or anything else? We can develop an exclusive recipe with your product.


    Do you have a hotel, a B&B or a restaurant? Pamper your customers with something unique. A welcome gift in your room, a final cuddle at the end of the meal, a corner shop in your name.

Download our PDF reserved for our B2B customers.