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Customization and craftsmanship

📝 Francesca Gorza

Personalized products, why?
Artisanal products (we are talking about food) are generally distinguished from those made industrially by characteristics such as the selection of raw materials, authenticity , seasonality, organoleptic characteristics and - there is no denying it - the price .
In recent years several large companies (Ferrero, Barilla, M&M's to name a few) have started working on the concept of customisation, offering customers the possibility of personalizing the packaging or directly their product for certain occasions.
Why does personalization work?
The appeal of customization moves intimate chords, which resonate in the customer with the emotion of having an exclusive product in his hands, made especially for him.
There are two macro categories of customization:
  • the one dedicated to the business world ( B2B ), for which you have your logo printed on a large number of products (bags, boxes, labels, ribbons, etc.). It is aimed at conveying the image of a brand to transmit it to the final consumer;
  • the one designed for the end customer ( B2C ) which is much more intimate and has usually always been the prerogative of artisans and concerns the creation of a limited number of products (jewellery with engravings, themed menus, wedding favors, initials and names embroidered on a kit , arrangements for an event, etc.).
It seems that large companies want to offer a personalization service to get closer to their customers, to make them feel special and offer them something exclusive.
It is interesting to note how on the one hand the rules push small artisan laboratories to have to adopt processes and policies typical of large industry (GDPR, labeling with nutritional values, continuous monitoring and controls of production cycles, etc.), on the other hand giants and multinationals do do everything to look like the lady from the local shop " who has known you since you were that tall" . Except that in the case of the lady in the shop, it is called personal interaction , while in the case of large industry it is called customer profiling .
We witness a funny scene in which it seems we must look alike at all costs: a sort of exchange of clothes clearly of the wrong size. On one side a manager in a crisp suit wearing a floured apron, on the other a baker wearing a tie. What strange contaminations !

Personalization works and is a highly requested service.
In our laboratory we can offer various customization options to create wedding favors, corporate gifts, gifts for special events and everything that imagination can suggest together with customers.
The customer (be it a company or a private individual) chooses or has us create the product - including flavors - how to package it and how to personalize it.
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