Marcello Rapisardi meets Miele di Maia

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How does the collaboration with a producer come about?
What ideas and needs come into play?

Here is the story of the chocolate born from the meeting between Marcello Rapisardi and Miele di Maia .
For Marcello, product customization work is not limited to affixing a logo or creating dedicated packaging, but starts from the creation of an exclusive product .

Martina and Stefano from Miele di Maia were looking for someone willing to work with their DOP chestnut honey from Lunigiana and Marcello Rapisardi was pleased to welcome their request to create a chocolate that would enhance their product. The underlying theme of all the work is the use of the highest quality raw materials which enhance each other, giving life to a product rich in aromas, scents and flavours.


Stefano and Martina tell their story:

<< Miele di Maia is a relatively small company but one that knows how to think big.
Our story began with the idea of ​​self-producing honey, given our assiduous consumption... and now almost ten years have passed since our first beekeeping season. The idea of ​​Miele di Maia is not only to produce honey and derivatives for consumers, but also to enhance this wonderful and rare product in different ways and at the same time bring our bees to territories as uncontaminated as possible, for the their own protection.
We think the importance of bees is a fundamental message and for this reason we have committed ourselves to an Apididactics project , starting from nursery and primary schools. Miele di Maia 's commitment will always be to create an artisanal product made with passion and love>>.

Bees May HoneyArnie Miele di MaiaBees


The chocolate signed by chocolatier and pastry chef Marcello Rapisardi is made with a thin layer of 60% Venezuelan dark chocolate and is enriched with a heart of DOP chestnut honey from Lunigiana produced by Miele di Maia .

<<A chocolate that captures the scents, flavors and aromas of chestnut honey, enhancing and balancing the bitter notes of the latter. Working with Miele di Maia was an honor and a pleasure. Our territory is full of artisans who create extraordinary products, being able to use them to create something exclusive is the most beautiful part of my job >> explains Marcello Rapisardi.

Martina and Stefano say: <<Marcello has created a small truffle which contains a liquid filling of pure chestnut honey: an explosion of flavors at the first bite.
This project was born from the intention of propagating the use and importance of honey also in pastry making and cooking .
This chocolate is the union of sweet and bitter, solid and liquid. Honey and chocolate - two elements as noble and pleasant to the taste as they are contrasting - blend to create perfect harmony.
The pleasantness of dark chocolate, with the particularity of our DOP chestnut honey from Lunigiana, has created an irresistible combination.
To bring this idea to life we ​​were looking for a company that, like us, put heart and passion into its creations. Quality, imagination and dedication sound in unison both in Miele di Maia and in the Marcello Rapisardi laboratory>>.

Martina Miele di MaiaStefano Miele di Maia
To find out about Miele di Maia's projects you can contact Stefano 328 446 9290 or Martina 348 912 9795.
Creating exclusive products for artisan businesses is part of our exclusive customization service dedicated to business customers in multiple sectors: producers and artisans, catering, hotels, restaurants, companies.
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