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INGREDIENTS - Vinegar (in the chocolate)

📝 Francesca Gorza

Vinegar is not sweet.

This might be the first thought that comes to mind when referring to such an ingredient.
Vinegar is acidic, sour, pungent, but also very complex .

<<Product of the fermentation of alcoholic liquids such as wine, beer etc., due to the action of aerobic bacteria of the Acetobacter genus. With an acrid flavour, it is used as a condiment and for the preservation of food products.>> (source: Treccani ).

There are many types of vinegar and there are various uses for this liquid: condiment, ingredient, preservative.
Two large families of vinegar can be distinguished: the " raw " and the " cooked ". The former have a more pungent flavour, while the others can almost completely lose their sharp character (see the case of traditional extra old balsamics).

The acidic flavor is a note that must be expertly dosed in cooking preparations: it gives complexity to a dish, helps to clean the mouth and can be pleasantly appetizing. At the same time, it is certainly one of the most discussed flavors by diners' palates.

Is it possible to use vinegar in a dessert? Certainly. Some recipes include it as an ingredient - Red Velvet cake - and in other preparations balsamic vinegar is used which, notoriously, has a generally sweeter taste and goes well with chocolate and cooked fruit.
Inspired by the high quality products made by Acetaia San Giacomo , Marcello created a chocolate with vinegar inside .
The praline is an explosion of taste: inside it winks and balances an almond filling and the vinegar from a Georgian amphora from Acetaia San Giacomo which is left pure and liquid.

chocolate filled with vinegar

As? Fun, appetizing and different from the usual. The participants in the presentation of Acetyca , the first academy dedicated to the exploration and applications of acid taste, also tasted it.
Studying the ingredients is the basis for creating quality products. Studying the facets and complexity of the acidic taste is certainly an intriguing challenge that aims to remind everyone that vinegar is not just used to dress salad.

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