Guida Pasticcerie e Pasticcerie 2024

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📝 Francesca Gorza

The end of 2023 is approaching.

In this period the work load thickens: parties, anniversaries and new projects overlap.

If on the one hand the hours of the day always seem too many, on the other they never seem to be enough.

However, sooner or later, work always pays off and this year too we had the satisfaction of seeing ourselves reconfirmed in the Gambero Rosso "Pasticceri & Pasticcerie 2024" guide.

Gamnero Rosso Guide 2024

Being on a guide is a pleasure and a commitment : both things flatter us and give us the energy to continue traveling our path together with you. Being included in a guide together with many other prestigious pastry shops scattered throughout Italy is a satisfaction for us and a responsibility towards customers, colleagues and collaborators.

With this article - short but intense - we would like to thank in no particular order:

- our customers : the historic ones who have supported us for years with their trust and the new ones who choose to get to know us;

- our suppliers : these small producers and great professionals enrich our work with excellent raw materials. Without them we couldn't do anything good;

- our families : an inexhaustible source of energy and recharge. Our safe haven and our priority.

Thank you because in this guide they talk about us, but we got there together with you .

Marcello and Francesca

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