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We are inaugurating a cycle of interviews dedicated to various topics that also revolve around the world of pastry making.
Especially in recent years, in the food sector it is increasingly important to combine production skills (knowing how to cook, organize a kitchen/workshop, create menus, etc.) with good communication skills and marketing-related skills.
Each sector is deeply connected to many areas of work and we have decided to talk about the professional figures that are part of it.

In this month - which also sees the Design Week taking place in Milan - we could only start by interviewing two designers : here are Lorenza and Caterina from BOOMBANG DESIGN .
Enjoy the reading!


Lorenza Negri and Caterina Pinto of Boombang Design.

Let's start with a short presentation of yours…
<<We are Lorenza and Caterina, we are partners and friends, we no longer know which of the two things came before the other! We live in Milan and in 2006 we founded our communication agency: Boombang Design to which we evidently gave an unpronounceable name given that two times out of three it is reinterpreted and distorted in truly creative ways! In 2018, the division of the agency dedicated to the world of food was born: Sublime Food Design . Our job is to help companies tell, promote and enhance their project . We are particularly fond of the world of small and medium-sized businesses (shops and small companies) because we are able to have more direct contact with people , with those who thought up and created the brand. Our own work experience from the first years as a freelancer to today has allowed us to fully understand the challenges that these companies face. We love illustration and we like to explore new communication languages ​​and venture outside the familiar terrain, it is precisely in these moments that our best projects are born!>>.

Logo created by Boombang Design

Logo created by Boombang Design.

How important is image for a company (small or large)?
<<Having an effective image is essential for every company that wants to build an authentic relationship with the public based on trust and sharing common values, whether large or small. Beyond
from the aesthetic aspect, in fact, a good communication project must be able to reflect the soul of the brand , describing its mission, values ​​and personality to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Logo created by Boombang Design.

Logo created by Boombang Design.

What is a logo and how is it created? What is your working method?
<<A logo is a graphic symbol that represents a company. Its purpose is to create, with just a few signs, a distinctive and recognizable image to identify it uniquely and allow it to stand out from the competition.
Before designing a logo, we ask the client to tell us about the values ​​and mission of his company, indicating some key words in which he recognizes himself together with others by which, on the contrary, he does not wish to be defined. We collect all the visual or conceptual cues you wish to provide us and try to identify the most suitable visual register for your target audience .
Once this analysis work has been done, we proceed with the design of the drafts, creating a harmonious graphic design and always keeping in mind that a logo must be very versatile to best adapt to different media (website, business cards, signs, advertising, etc. .)>>.

Logo created by Boombang Design.

Logo created by Boombang Design.

How important do you think it is for a company to personalize a product?
<< Customizing a product can be very important for several reasons. First of all, it allows you to stand out from the competition, thus attracting the public's attention. It also allows us to satisfy the specific needs of each customer by creating an ad hoc specific look that is perfectly suited to their needs. Finally, personalization can be used as a marketing tool to create an emotional connection with customers and increase brand loyalty>>.

Speaking of brand and image: Is there a difference between uniqueness and recognisability?
<<Uniqueness and recognisability are both important components for a successful brand : uniqueness refers to the ability of a brand to stand out from the competition to emerge in its sector. This process helps to create a strong identity and therefore attract the attention of consumers, creating a competitive advantage. Recognizability , on the other hand, refers more specifically to the ability of a brand to be immediately identified by consumers, and therefore has to do with customer loyalty and the visibility of the brand itself>>.

Tell us three personal characteristics that are needed to do your job.
<<First of all creativity : it is essential to find innovative solutions and effectively communicate a message through the use of images, colours, shapes and typography. The ability to solve problems effectively and quickly , finding practical and visually elegant solutions to achieve the client's objectives. Attention to detail is crucial for a graphic designer; even the smallest variation in color or font can have a significant impact on the visual communication of the project.
Great attention to detail can make the difference between a good project and an extraordinary one >>.

What is your favorite dessert?
<<A dessert that has remained in our hearts are the Ginevrine Rapisardi : they are beautiful, colourful, pop and with surprising flavours... you never know what to expect!
We couldn't think of a more suitable dessert than this for two designers!>>.

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