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How are chocolates made?

📝 Francesca Gorza

Chocolates are all good, but they are not all the same.

Offering various production methods is also part of our customization service .

There are different types of chocolates:
- cutting pralines
- "printed" pralines

In the first case, the filling is prepared (usually a ganache ) which is then poured into a stainless steel frame of the desired height. Once the filling has solidified, it is cut into the desired size and then covered with a layer of tempered chocolate .

Cutting ganache pralines

Cutting pralines.

To make "printed" pralines, you must - first of all - have a mold. The tempered chocolate is poured into the mold , in order to create the chocolate jacket (the external and crunchy part). Then the molds are filled with the filling, everything is allowed to crystallize for about 12 hours and then the chocolates are closed with a layer of tempered chocolate.

Pralines made with mouldPralines made with mould

Pralines made with molds of various shapes.

In both cases, one of the factors that denotes the quality of the workmanship (in addition to the goodness of the ingredients) is the thickness of the covering : a well-made chocolate has a thin, crunchy and yielding casing to the bite.

A "molded" chocolate is no better than a cut one: they are simply two different processes.

The beauty of chocolate is its versatility. This feature allows us to meet the various customization needs of our customers.

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