Marcello Rapisardi's desire is direct, like him: to create products with a simple appearance, but with a unique flavour. Sweets, chocolates and jams are products that have marked everyone's childhood. You certainly remember snacks with jam or the magical moment when someone who loved you offered you a sweet or a chocolate.
Now you're grown up, but you still deserve a cuddle, perhaps "seasoned" with something unexpected!

Cioccolatini di Pasqua - Marcello Rapisardi - Pasticceria & Dessert

The ingredients of our work

Method, people and professionalism.
Marcello Rapisardi finds and selects the best raw materials to make his high-quality artisanal desserts. Professionalism and respect are the basis of his technical and creative work. Manual work, tradition and research are the key elements that it tries to convey into continuous innovation. The resulting artisanal desserts are the result of passion, innovation and research.


    A couple and a team: partners and colleagues. We divide the tasks between us to offer you the best.

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  • Corso in Lab - Marcello Rapisardi - Pasticceria & Dessert


    Craftsmanship, competence and professionalism. Everything at the service of the greedy!

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